Wearing Black and White Stripes

Horizontal stripes are hard to wear for some people. I always feel like they make me look bigger, but when other people wear them… holy moly, stripes look fantastic! Picture Coco Chanel in her French Navy shirts, Prada’s current season, Acne has stripes galore. They’re everywhere! So, while trying to adapt my wardrobe for New York weather, I noticed one big thing missing were summer dresses for work. After working from home for a number of years, and not having a proper hot summer… I really wanted to have more sophisticated and chic dresses to wear for meetings or for just being comfortable.

Over the weekend, I stopped by at Zara, after getting a snake print dress which is really easy to wear. Figuring that they would have other affordable dresses, I ended up getting two more with the similar 1960′s tent style. It’s been a gamble because firstly, I’m not used to wearing dresses with no waist, and secondly stripes are hard. However, if fitted correctly in the arms and also the stripe gradation really makes for a flattering statement dress. I love it.

  1. 60’s are one of the most favorite in fashion as for me. I hope future generations will value it in the same amount as we do now.

  2. Adorable outfit! 🙂 I love love love stripes! I also like to use them to make certain staples pop like underneath tanks, a striped scarf tied to my purse etc.

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