Smelling Optimistic

I love perfume, and I don’t love perfume. I’ve always loved the kind of woman who always smelled nice, they also tended to have perfect hair all the time too. I’d like to be like that, but more often than not, I land in the human category. Perfume bottles are lovely, pretty smells are divine, but more often than not, I end up with itchy eyes and a headache.

When I had lunch with the Modepass team last week, as a sending off gift they handed me this bottle of Jeanne Lanvin Perfume. I was grateful not for just the good company, but the bottle of perfume to try, and my hopes weren’t too high. When I tried the perfume, it was sweet and fruity, like cotton candy, with notes of citrus, raspbery, peony and fresia. It smelled young and hopeful. So far, I’ve been wearing it all week, and not a single headache, nor an itchy eye. The boyfriend likes it too.

The perfume came out last fall, and though it didn’t bode well with perfume critics, saying it was the perfume for women who like the idea of perfume but don’t want to smell like anything (that could be me). Other reviews said that it was tasty and funny, or delicate and airy… I personally think it smells optimistic, and I’m happy to wear it, it cheers me up.

  1. Well, that’s a lovely gift. I’m the same way about perfume… strong scents give me headache so I’d rather wear nothing. The netting tie is a nice touch.

  2. It’s so important not to go too far with various perfume mixing. ’cause regularly I meet such women who completely got mad with it.

  3. Welcome to the club of lovers and unlovers of perfume both at the same time.
    Sometimes my nose drive me mad 🙂 🙂 !!

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