Schmoozing, sharing, ahem… research on Modepass

It’s no secret that social networks play a vital part in blog marketing and development.

While everyone and their mother are on Facebook and Myspace, it’s only the beginning of the social media frenzy, new networks are popping up every week it seems. If you have a few, or more than just a few profiles on various networks you’ll realize that they can be lots of work… with sometimes little return. And to be honest… lately I’ve been sceptical, only focusing my attention on a few networks that are easy to use and helpful.

The latest network to pop up is truly an international gem. Modepass tarted in France by two guys Oliver and Yohan at Jam’s Brain, they’ve worked very closely with the French blogging scene to get excellent quality content on Modepass. The site operates in three languages and has stylish members from 79 countries. The part that I really like about Modepass, is the quality of the members photos are particularly good, and it’s easy to get to know someone through the site. It’s very inspiring to browse through… and setting up a profile wasn’t too time consuming. To tell the truth, I was hooked from the moment I joined.

I got in touch with the creators of Modepass and got them to share with us a little more about the network:

IFB: What’s the story behind Modepass?

Yohan from Modepass: “The idea was “could we reveal through social network trends of the street”, it could be interesting for people to share their sight, to create a one stop sharing place where users could show their talent or vision. what’s happening if everyone all over the world start sharing their vision of fashion and beauty, not through content like ‘what are you wearing’ sites and so … but through inspiration. You know Fashion is more than wearing clothes, the most interesting thing is the way you see , you feel, you’re modeling your style.

IFB: There seems to be a lot of bloggers involved with Modepass.. can you tell us how that started?

Yohan from Modepass: When the project starts, we knew some French bloggers. We are a really web 2.0 supporters, so we decided to share our way to build the community directly with bloggers. “By bloggers for bloggers”. So La mechante joined Jam’s Brain and we  created a small committee with Alix from thecherryblossomgirl, Betty from leblogdebetty, Geraldine from Punky B and Anne-Solange from Cachemireetsoie to be sure to create a useful service.

IFB: What are some of Modepass’s advantages?

Yohan from Modepass:

  • Bloggers : to meet new interesting people, recruiting new reader who don’t know what a blog is …
  • Designers : A new way to show their work to interested people and receive a feedback, finding inspiration from members
  • Journalists : finding great people and writing about what they like without pressure
  • Photographers : finding model, makeup, hairdresser, showing us their work

Le Mechante: (from Modepass and a blogger):  I want to tell you that even if at first I was sceptical, I have now a lot of foreign readers on my blogs thanks to my modepass page. Before modepass, I think I had no foreign readers, so I think it’s been a great opportunity for me. I also have been contacted by bust magazine this summer, the journalist saw my pictures on modepass, and then contacted me to credit my pictures and blog on the october issue.

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