Looking Closer at Mary Katrantzou

There are few days when you see an item of clothing and your jaw drops. Believe me, I am in constant search of all things that makes my jaw drop! One morning while walking to work, I noticed a pop up gallery/showroom, and could tell from the window it was certainly something I wanted to see. Lo and behold, they had several designers that I have coveted over the years, one being Mary Katrantzou, who, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting back in November, along with following her career since she was in college at Central St. Martins.

It’s always a pleasure to see someone succeed… even from the web, but taking a closer look is another story (I did see a Katrantzou dress on a model, but did not want to freak her out by pawing at her dress). This collection, was in particular one of my favorites as she’s really taken the digital prints that’s she’s famous for and upped it ten notches by creating couture like structuring, lush, lush, lush fabrics, and Fabergé egg like detailing. Pawing through her collection was almost like being a girl playing with grandma’s menagerie, it’s amazing how the imagination opens up with wonder upon seeing such pretty things. Oh love, now only if we could get that feeling every day.

mary_katrantzou_aw11_1 mary_katrantzou_aw11_3

  1. Yeah. That dress with fish – what an interesting idea. It really ‘smells like a Japanese’ Love it!

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