Inspired by the city… Jene DeSpain Jewelry Handmade in NYC

The right accessory can really dress up even the most minimal outfit. A tank dress and sandals with the right necklace and earrings transforms to casual to ultra chic. Emerging jewelry designer, Jene DeSpain crafts elegant pieces that can be worn day or night. Inspired by iconic New York architecture, urban environments and mixed with trends like color blocking, wrap bracelets with elegantly utilitarian hardware closures, or honeycomb three-finger stacking rings. The collections are something special and classic, but also quench that must-have of the moment.

Jene stopped by my office to show her work, she’s soft spoken yet candid, demure yet chatty. I got the sense that the duality of her personality showed a lot in her work. She showed each piece noting that she makes all of her jewelry at her studio in Brooklyn. At the price points around $45-$175 it’s certainly worth it.

jewelry-handmade-in-nyc-2 jewelry-handmade-in-nyc-3 jewelry-handmade-in-nyc-4

    1. Wow!! I can’t believe how beautiful these photos are. It’s so nice to look back on all the things I missed. You guys are fantastic. I can’t wait for all of my family to get to feel like they di#1d&82n7;t miss a thing, because with these pics they will feel that they were there.Thank You!!

  1. Look at that ring… rings?
    It could be considered as a handy weapon, actually 🙂 🙂

    But without jokes – I like such kind of jewelry. It has some real power behind it.

  2. Love those necklaces. There is something really special about wearing something that is handmade. =)

  3. Those earrings remind me something from Egypt mythology. One can really see the reach inner world of this master.

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