Classic Kiehl’s Products for Problem Skin

My skin doesn’t like me. As long as I can remember, it’s been one battle after another—me versus uneven tones, oily t-zones and rough and dry patches. As I’ve reached my mid-20’s, thankfully the war zone known as my skin has calmed down a bit– but that’s not to say it’s anywhere near perfect. While I have a few products I always keep handy in my stash, I’m the type that’s usually on the hunt for something new and better. So when Kiehl’s sent us off with a lovely gift bag full of their premiere products after their 160th Anniversary Party, I was incredibly excited to see what effect they’d have on my problem skin.

First up was the Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. ($19 for 2.5 oz) The lotion is lightly scented and for a product with SPF, isn’t too watery or thin. It went on smooth and absorbed quickly. It left a bit of a shine but for a lotion with SPF, that’s a small trade off for the benefit! Sunscreen is an absolute must for everyone and this is a fine choice. After a week of use I didn’t notice any problems with my skin—no clogged pores or issues one might experience when trying a new facial lotion. This definitely made its way into my daily regime!

Next was Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1. ($7 for 0.5 oz) With petroleum as its key ingredient and the added benefit of SPF 4, I knew as a self-professed Vaseline addict, I would love this product. I found the balm to be nice and creamy without being thick and sticky. It went on smooth and set a great base for lipstick. This is the perfect solution for those looking to repair their post-winter, dry, chapped lips– after a week of use I definitely noticed my lips were healthier and less flaky.

The Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (pictured below) ($27 for 0.5 oz) was a product I had heard tons about. The cream is a soft green color and has a nearly undetectable scent. When applying the cream I found it to be an interesting texture—at first touch it’s thick and luxurious but it quickly turns slick and smooth! It moisturized incredibly well and after 7 days I felt like my eyes were a bit less puffy than usual. This is a great option for those who love the luxe feeling of heavier eye creams (like me!)


Lastly, I was most excited to try out the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. ($43 for 1.0 oz) With its pretty blue bottle and glass dropper form, it makes promises to “visibly restore” skin by the next morning. I loved the process of placing a few drops (2 or 3 is enough for your whole face) onto my palm and applying the silky oil onto my skin. It felt great going on and it sank in fairly quickly, although I wouldn’t recommend plopping down on your pillow right after application. It has a gentle lavender scent and after a 7 day trial my skin feels more plump and moisturized. I can’t say I’ve noticed a remarkable difference but I am totally in love with the luxurious application experience. Now that summer has finally made its way to NYC, I’m not sure if this is the perfect product for the season, but come fall and winter time, I know exactly what I’ll be reaching for before I go to bed. (Note: Jennine just told me about her experience with the serum and apparently it made her break out! Eek. So those with sensitive skin, use with caution!)

With this addition of Kiehl’s products to army of products, I feel much better about my skin care treatment. I know no relationship is perfect, but with the help of Kiehl’s, my skin and I may very well be on our way to finally reaching a peace treaty.

I’d love to hear – what were your experiences with any of these Kiehl’s products? Are there any Kiehl’s products that are must-try’s?

  1. Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks for the info! I love to hear ab new products and how to keep my skin ageless as long as i can!

  2. Girls, and did you already try some cosmetics with an avocado basis, does work really that good as it’s told?

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