Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nailed It

Do you have a hard time painting your own nails? Maybe you don’t… but as someone who has never been able to paint her own nails, I was delighted to hear about the advent of Sally Hansen Salon Effects… which is essentially nail polish in sticker form. I had seen these around for a few months, but they’re always sold out at my local drug store, so when I found them a few weeks ago, it was time to give them a whirl. At $9.99 they’re not an expensive beauty experiment!

I put on the hounds-tooth nails above on my mom’s birthday, April 7th… they lasted about two weeks, I took them off last Wednesday, the 20th, and it was more because the nail regrowth was bothering me because they weren’t chipped that much. Some of you had told me that the hounds-tooth didn’t work so well, so Grit and Glamour gave the tip of applying a coat of clear nail polish over… it seemed to work! One of my issues with nail polish is that my nails tend to split, so this time around I applied the Hard as Nails to seal my weakling claws, and did not put on the clear coat (I could not find it in my room…woops). Anyway… the second time they are staying on quite well, though I do notice after a few days a tiny bit of evidence of chipping.


These nails cause quite a commotion, just about everyone who I came in contact with asked me about my hounds tooth nails. Even at Target, the cashier asked where I got them (they sell them at Target). For $9.99 and something you can apply yourself in 30min, it’s a steal. Also, it’s worth noting that Salon Effects has a the advantage of these is unlike some of the gel polish which is great for custom nail art, you can remove with regular nail polish. I’ve never in my life have ever had regular nail polish stay looking nice for more than a week. These are certainly worth it.


The sizes are hard to gauge… if your hands are small or large, you may run out in your size. I couldn’t really quite get it right either so there is a bit of natural nail showing. If you mess up, which I haven’t, and I mess up everything.. you would have to improvise because there are only a few extras in there. I’ve also noticed that some of the prints can look different on your nails than they do in the box. For instance the lace ones look more abstract because my nails are so short. They would look better on someone with longer nails… but the hounds tooth are perfect.

Where to get them:

Many drug stores sell the Salon Effects… I’ve found that they sell out fast. I wanted the lace ones, but they were sold out everywhere, and someone is charging double the price on Amazon… so what I did to get the Laced Up nails is order them on The shipping time takes a little longer because they’re on backorder, but I only waited a week in reality, so it wasn’t that bad.

  1. I was drooling over these in Walgreens last week before my boyfriend so rudely dragged me out of the store. Are they hard to apply, though? I’ve tried the nail stickers from Sephora and have had some difficulty. Maybe it just takes practice.

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