5 Uses for Sweet Almond Oil

1. Eye Make Up Remover
Almond oil can remove mascara and heavy eye make-up quickly and gently. Just place a few drops onto an organic cotton pad and wipe over eyes.

2. Dry skin / Night Oil
Apparently Liz Hurley uses Almond Oil on her face to rehydrate dry skin. Try using it a few nights a week before bedtime to help skin repair during winter time.

3. Hair Dye Removal
Remove stubborn hair dye stains on skin around hairline. Green women who still want to dye their hair (with ammonia free natural dyes) will understand the trouble of removing dye stains on the hairline. Using Vaseline was once encouraged but as it contains petroleum, a different and more natural solution is needed. I covered a cotton pad in almond oil and was really impressed by how effectively it worked.

4. Décolletage Moisturiser
Do as the French women do and start moisturising your décolletage area daily. Almond oil works wonderfully as a body moisturiser, nourishing the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

5. Carrier Oil for your favourite essential oil
Use with coarse sea salt and lemon essential oil for a zesty body exfoliant or add a few lavender drops to almond oil and rub onto stomach during that time of the month.

I use Absolute Aromas Sweet Almond Oil which is available at most good health food stores or online or onAmazon.

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  1. Always loved almonds as a high protein snack, and recently also started to use it as my secret skin care weapon 😉

  2. Well, it seems much of nuts are naturally reach and valuable for skin caring. Use it regularly for already couple years.

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